The culinary rebels at Biff’s Jack Shack are on a mission to change the way you think about vegan food.

Hell-bent on making the most drool-inducing non-meat food on the planet; expect stacked burgers and banging hot wings, cunningly created from crispy-fried jackfruit and a range of other secret ingredients. Whether you’re a devout vegan or a hardened carnivore – Biff’s Jack Shack is a game changer!


Having caused foodie riots in London’s finest streetfood markets with their now famous halloumi fries, Oli Baba’s meat-free Levantine menu is something else. Following a six month excursion around the Middle East, the founders of this incredible restaurant curated a menu that boasts authentic fattoush, toasted pita bread sandwiches, schug (Middle Eastern salsa) and lots more.


Known as ‘the proper Venezuelan food experience’, Petare’s become a huge hit in London, scooping awards and ranking in the esteemed Time Out Top 50. Believe the hype!


When it comes to making the perfect pizza, you need a chef that is extremely kneady. Luckily, that’s exactly what you’ve got! Artisan pizzas lovingly crafted with premium ingredients – from traditional recipes to curious new remixes, these guys are passionate about pizza.


Totally unique on the UK street food scene, the guys at The Duck Truck harness an ethos that encompasses high-welfare, minimum waste and maximum flavour. The meat is rotisserie cooked, on the bone, with the fat later utilised to cook their mouth-watering chips.


Next-level Chinese food that creatively utilises ingredients and combinations you will not find anywhere else!… Cheeseburger dumplings, anyone?

Strictly using organic and free range produce, all sourced in the UK, these insanely tasty parcels of joy will have you drooling for weeks!


East London’s Spit & Roast is widely considered to be the purveyor of the best buttermilk fried chicken in all of London. Time to decide for yourself…


Lebowskis has garnered a cult following in their homelands of Scotland. Their insane burgers range from the super-stacked Big Lebowski (this isn’t for the faint hearted) to the meat-free Vedgy Wedgy. Madcap flavours, combos and general awesomeness are the order of the day. The Scotts don’t do things by halves!



Happy Maki are famed for their creative modern take on sushi, combining traditional ingredient with curveball combos.

Once rolled up, these little babies are like giant sushi burritos!


As listed in Timeout Magazine´s Best London Street Food, Nazarí draws inspiration from Al-Andalus Moorish cuisine, incorporating the best of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food tradition.


The Netherlands most exciting street food posse has arrived – two bros and a f**k load of churros!

The Papi boys are all about authentic, handcrafted Churros, with the freshest ingredients and the deepest blends of chocolate and caramel. High impact flavours that will knock your socks, and trousers, right off. Naughty.


After returning to his homeland of northern Italy, the proprietor of The Piadina Project fell in love with the humble Piandina, a regional delicacy long since spoken about by his Grandfather. A fine, griddled flatbread from the Emilia-Romagna region, this little-known Italy speciality was about to get a new lease of life. Fusing his Italian roots with his upbringing in the farming hotbed of Lincolnshire, Jack has created a menu of outstanding flavours.


Hanoi Kitchen was inspired by travels across Vietnam, eating the best street food in Hanoi, and speaking to all the locals about their favourite dishes.

Authenticity is everything – so recipes remain true to their origins. The perfect balance between hot, spicy, fresh and fragrant.


A modern twist on the traditional Taiwanese bao (a fluffy steamed bun sliced open and filled with braised meat), Le Bao offer a variety of bold fillings and fresh ingredients, from spicy pork confit to melt-in-your-mouth veggie buns.

Craft beer & real ale


& much more